We are OPEN and Accepting New Patients!

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We are OPEN and Accepting New Patients!

Same Day Appointments (231) 242-1760

Pediatric Care

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Your Child’s Health Is Our Top Priority

Regular well visits are crucial to promoting your child’s overall health and well-being. These appointments allow you to establish a relationship with your child’s healthcare provider, and for the provider to become familiar with your child and assess their growth, development, and overall health.

Pediatric Care Services

Well Visits

Child care well visits in our health clinic are an important aspect of pediatric care. These visits provide an opportunity for parents and healthcare providers to monitor the child’s growth and development, discuss any concerns, and ensure that the child receives age-appropriate care and immunizations.


Our healthcare providers  work to ensure that children receive prompt and appropriate treatment for their illness. Our goal is to help children recover quickly and get back to their normal activities as soon as possible.


Our healthcare providers work with parents to ensure that their children receive the appropriate immunizations at the recommended intervals, helping to keep them healthy and protected from preventable diseases.


During a physical, our healthcare providers will perform a comprehensive exam, review the child’s medical history, and provide immunizations as needed. We also provide sports physicals.

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